Matt Rome


My name is Matt Rome. I'm a cinematographer based in Oakland, California. I grew up in Tacoma, Washington. In 2007, I decided make my way to The Bay Area to become a filmmaker, which, luckily for me, worked out.

I come from a professional background in cooking, lighting, and adventure. I have been wielding some sort of camera since I was a kid. I love travel, people, art, and making stuff. I'm really into process and how all the little tiny details that go into creation interact. 

I try to bring fresh eyes to every project I work on. Every story is it's own and deserves to be looked at as so. I also like to think of my role of cinematographer as just one small piece of a much larger filmmaking machine. Yet, it is ultimately important as it provides a very specific window into the world of a story. This window gives audiences the ability to see. I love the magic in that.

Thanks for visiting my site. If you have any questions about bookings or just want to recommend a good podcast, feel free to write me at Be sure to check out my work and click the little gray icons at the bottom of this page to connect with me via email and social media.